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Omega P3

Dr. Larry May shows us how Omega P3 can help us to avoid chronic inflammation brought on by our lifestyle. Chronic inflammation has become an epidemic, with doctors and scientists linking this growing problem to everything from heart disease, pain…even cancer.

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Learn More About Omega P3

Natural wellness products…that work naturally!

At Marpella, we believe that natural products—amino acids and botanicals—have the power to encourage natural wellness of our bodies and of our minds. The complex phytochemical composition of many plants has changed over time to adapt to different environments for survival, and natural products remain a rich, diverse and undiminished source for healing substances.  Amino acids are the basic building blocks of life, for all neurotransmitters and for all proteins, which regulate nearly every biochemical reaction in the body.  We invite you to try our natural wellness products, which were developed with scientific basis and the finest ingredients (all classified by the FDA as GRAS—Generally Regarded As Safe).  Several of our products are being offered for the first time outside of physicians’ offices.  We proudly believe you will find our natural wellness product line to be a welcome solution for enhancing healing and lifestyle.


IndiCalm is a lifesaver!

IndiCalm is a lifesaver! As a busy real estate agent, wife, manager of the house and mother who suffers from anxiety, I have finally found a supplement that takes away my daily stress, worries and anxiety. If I happen to feel anxiety coming on, I am able to take IndiCalm, and within minutes, it’s as if I never had the anxiety at all. There are also no addictive behaviors with IndiCalm, like there were with so many medications I have taken in the past. I would recommend IndiCalm to anyone who suffers from anxiety.

Erica Fields Sotheby's Estate Agent of 'Erica and Tiffany'
Supplements Tried: Omega P3
Medical conditions and reasons for taking the supplement: Arthritis, less painful when taking the suppleent
Other medications or supplements tried for the same purpose and comparative results: n/a
Describe the symptoms relieved: Pain relieved mostly in my fingers and somewhat in my knees
Additional Comments: great product
Priscilla Valenzuela - 54 y/o
Resident Manager / View Product
Supplements Tried:TopiCanna
Medical conditions and reasons for taking the supplement: Back pain associated with work, and heavy lifting.
Other medications or supplements tried for the same purpose and comparative results: Arnica, IcyHot, Bengay, Oral Motrin, Robaxin
Describe the symptoms relieved: After using TopiCanna my back pain is almost instantly relieved. I no longer have stiff back muscles, I don’t have to take any oral pain medication nor do I lose sleep due to back pain.
Additional Comments: I carry TopiCanna in my work truck and recommend it to every one I come across that suffers from muscle pain.
Ray Celiceo - 30 y/o
HVAC Installer / View Product
Supplements Tried: TopiCanna
Medical Conditions and Reasons for Taking the Supplement: Wrist and arm fracture with healed and deteriorated bone and tissue. RSD nerve damage caused by multiple breaks. Nerve pain.
Other medications or supplements tried for the same purpose and comparative results: Ibprophan, morphine, tramadol, and Vicodin.
Describe the symptoms relieved: Sharp pain and tense muscles in that region along with bone pains. Nerve pain relaxed at 30 min after application, worked to reduce all pain for about 3 hours. I like that it is not greasy and stays on the skin upon application, so I can get dressed without it penetrating my clothing.
Additional Comments: The cream worked on the area of pain better than any oral medication with no side effects. I am very sensitive to medications a prefer a natural medication or topical treatment. This was the best remedy that I have tried.
Brandy Henderson
Medical Biller / View Product
Supplements Tried: TopiCanna
Medical Conditions and Reasons for Trying the Supplement: Back pain in the lower spine and a pulled sciatica.
Other Medications or Supplements Tried for the Same Purpose and Comparative Results:Ibuprofen
Describe the Symptoms Relieved: Sharp pain and and tense muscles in that region. Nerve pain dulled at first then relaxed 2 hours after application.
Additional Comments: The cream worked on area of pain better than any oral medication with no side effects.
Amber Henderson - 35 y/o
Graphic Designer / View Product
CannaCaviar is truly amazing! Before I used it, I was slightly nauseous, anxious and had neck pain. After taking one soft gel, all these symptoms were relieved. My neck stopped hurting, I was calm and not queasy...and it helped me fall asleep. Natural remedies are important to me as part of my overall beauty philosophy. I would recommend CannaCaviar to anyone!
Nikki Ziering
Playboy Playmate in 1997 and 2003 / View Product
Our daughter suffers from ADHD and takes a prescribed medication to control the effects of ADHD. We began giving her IndiCalm when it came out on the market on the weekends. Because we did not like to see her medicated seven days a week we tried several over the counter calming medications. None had the desired effect that IndiCalm has had. Her and our weekends are very enjoyable now and she is much happier then when she is not taking anything. I would recommend anyone who knows someone who suffers with ADHD to look into IndiCalm. We checked with her doctor and he assured us it was ok for her to take it. The hyperactivity that comes with ADHD was reduced by 80% using IndiCalm
Thomas Graham - Regarding his 15 y/o Daughter
High School Student / View Product
Supplements Tried: Voltaren Gel, Aspercreme
Medical Conditions and Reasons: Inflammatory Osteoarthritis, primarily in my hands.
Other Medications tried: Aleve, Ibuprofen
Describe the symptoms relief: Pain and Stiffness in my hands.
Additional Comments: TopiCanna has a very pleasant fragrance. I would not be inclined to use a product with camphor odor. It is easy to use, just a few pumps when feeling pain and relief lasts several hours. No side effects and definitely no odor.
Carolyn Descher - 71 y/o
Account Manager, Insurance Agency
Medical Conditions and Reasons: Runny Nose, Coughing, and Congestion Other Meds tried: Vitamin C Symptoms Relieved: Works! Cleared the passageways. I can breathe easier. Product is fantastic. Additional Comments: Love it. Better than over the counter sinus medicine.
Richard Belloff - 59 y/o
Satietiva is absolutely amazing! It naturally curbs my appetite and makes it easy to forget about my urge to binge every so often. I don't worry about portion control and snacking between meals anymore. What makes Satietiva different is that it works quickly and gently. But it really works! You don't even realize that you weren't hungry until you do your food log or journal.
Jolene D.
I am 92 years old and have been ailing with asthma for a great part of my life. Wheezing, nausea, and breathing problems have been with me for many years. My physician, Dr. Larry May, suggested I try ClearNaze….My wheezing was almost eliminated, the mucous problem became very light, just about overcome. To me, ClearNaze is a miracle. It has helped me greatly, and I would suggest this product be tried by other sufferers of such symptoms. To me, the product is a miracle.
Louis B. Meadows - 92 y/o
CEO - Dognose ID / View Product
93 year old, retired from years at brokerage house After years of suffering from lower back pain, and being told it was due to old age with no real solution, I was recommended Topicanna. It helped immediately, and I no longer have lower back pain. For me to be without pain is fabulous. I‘ve already recommended to many friends. After taking tons of Tylenol without any pain relief, and risking injury to my liver, this topical product has really changed my life. l highly recommend it to anyone suffering from chronic pain. Even at my age, I'm happy
Mary McGinnis - 93 y/o
Retired Stock Broker / View Product
I am a big time fan and user of ClearNaze. I find that for me, I have to take it more than once a day. I take it in the morning and afternoon. It helps with my stuffy nose. It opens my passageways up, which is great. Actually, I take it when I have an itchy throat from allergies, and the CIearNaze also helps stop that. I recommend it for stufhness, too much mucus, and allergies. Previously, I took a Zyrtec for my symptoms, and I found that Zyrtec dried me out too much. Normaly, Ijust take CIearNaze daily, it really works. I recommend it to everyone.
Gloria Sherman - 66 y/o
Anxiety has been an issue for me most of my life. Trying medications and alternative options have never worked effectively; however, lndiCalm has brought significant relief. Anxiety makes me less efhcient at work and less helpful at home, but lndiCaIm helps relieve my stress and make me more efficient. Unlike drugs, it gives me the anxiety relief without any side effects, so I can still be productive and proactive. I highly recommend this product.
Evan Schneider - 60 y/o
Money Manager/Registered Investment Advisor / View Product
Medical conditions and reasons for taking the supplement: Rheumatoid Arthritis. The muscles in my back get very tight and DocGreens Therapeutic Healing Cream has been very helpful with that -- almost instantaneously. For joint pain (neck, shoulders, hands, knees, ankles and toes) I find that Topicanna works best (though not as instantaneously as it does on muscular pain). Other medications or supplements tried for the same purpose and comparative results: ____I stopped using palliative creams (like Glaucsomine cremes and lotions sold at drug stores for RA), because they are usually barely effective (if at all) . Describe the symptoms relieved: __Amazing results with the Therapeutic Healing Cream. My back muscles were so bad I would sometimes have to take a muscle relaxer. Immediate relief occurred with the cream. I was shocked at how much better I felt instantly. My joint issues are way more complicated. But the TopiCanna is very helpful, bringing relief to my knee when it hurts (and to some degree to my shoulders and neck which currently hurt worst). I want to use the cream more often during the day so that I can see if the results are cumulative. Every night my husband rubs some of the cream on my feet, and it indeed brings relief and helps me fall asleep. I look forward to using the creme, because it works quickly and gives more relief than any other topical remedy (e.g "Tiger Balm" or Ben Gay) I've ever tried
Deva Joy Gouss - 58

This Week’s Product Spotlight on Omega P3

Why take a fish oil supplement?

Because it is the best source of long chain omega-3 fatty EPA (eicosapentaenoic) acid and DHA (docosahexaenoic) acid. These are the forms that have physiologic activity that support heart and brain health as well as reduce inflammation.

Can’t I just eat a healthy diet of vegetables and fish?

It is almost impossible to consume enough fish to gain the benefits attainable from a pure and potent supplement.  The safest fish, and the ones with the greatest source of omega-’s, are sardines, herring, and anchovies.  The American diet has changed over the last century towards vegetable oils which are rich in omega-6 fatty acids and low in omega-3s.  This imbalance leads to more inflammatory chronic diseases and is not protective against heart disease, cancer, and dementia.

Can I just take flaxseed oil instead?

Flaxseed oil is an 18 carbon omega-3, containing ALA, which must be converted to the 20-carbon EPA and 22-carbon DHA, the beneficial omega-3s.  The body is inefficient in transforming the oil in flaxseed to the biologically active EPA and DHA.

What claims does the FDA allow for fish oil?

The FDA allows a limited claim that fish oil it is beneficial for maintaining a healthy heart.

Why Omega P3?

There are many fish oil products available over-the-counter.  Most are commodities containing the natural 180 mg of EPA and 120 mg of DHA. These products contain many other fatty acids that are not helpful and that contribute to the common complaints of stomach upset from fish oil. Omega P3 is a highly refined product.  We concentrate EPA and DHA to a much higher level (400mg EPA/300mg DHA), eliminate mercury and other toxins, and add antioxidants and lemon flavor to make the capsule more palatable.

How does fish oil benefit heart health?

Fish oil can reduce triglycerides, lower blood pressure, slow heart rate and stabilize the cell membrane to reduce abnormal rhythms known as arrhythmias. In addition, fish oil exerts an antiplatelet effect, making it less likely that undesirable, unwanted clots will form. Some studies have shown marked benefits in reducing sudden death, leading the Harvard School of Public Heath to argue that omega-3 deficiency may contribute to as many as 90,000 unnecessary deaths a year.

Why is it called Omega P3?

The P3 stands for potent, pure, and palatable. Omega P3 is a pharmaceutical grade highly purified fish oil, high in EPA/DHA (potent). It is low in mercury, dioxin and toxins, and free of other fats (pure), and it has a pleasant lemon flavor (palatable).

What are other benefits of fish oil?

Omega-3 fatty acids work synergistically to reduce inflammation, thereby alleviating pain, helping relaxation and sleep, as well as just making people happier and better able to enjoy life. Omega-3 fatty acids support these functions by improving the structure and response of every cell in the body to neurotransmitters.



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