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3 Key Points to Investing in Marijuana


Marijuana by any name is an herb and a flower, but capturing the investment potential in the plant is as frustratingly elusive as it is enticingly rewarding. In many ways, medical marijuana companies are the quintessential microcap stock–long on story and sizzle and short on revenues, capital and management. Yet, the enthusiasm for cannabis as a transformative investment thesis (the “Green Rush”) has arguably reached the frenzied level of the internet bubble at the end of the millennium. This enthusiasm is fueled by the enormous and growing customer base of loyal, if covert, recreational cannabis users and, importantly, by the genuine value for using cannabis to treat poorly addressed health challenges. Successful medical marijuana microcap investors, however, must temper their excitement with the practical realities of the regulatory disconnect at the federal and state levels and the resulting necessity for companies to establish state-specific operations to get products to consumers. read more →