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ClearNaze – Is an all natural nasal decongestant

  • non-drowsy
  • Stimulant Free
  • All Natural Nasal Decongestant
  1. Eric
    5 out of 5


    Back in November I personally tried a sample of the Clear Naze on a Friday night after getting home from work. It was effective within 15 minutes, lasted more than 4 hours and was the clearest I have ever been with no noticeable side effects. I am in the water a lot which sometimes causes congestion during and after activity from trapped water in the sinus. Usually if and when I get stuffed while diving I will take a spray of Afrin which works well short term but has two primary side effects, higher heart rate and worse stuffy nose when it wears off. Note Afrin is highly addictive to some people. So far Clear Naze seems to be a great product!

  2. Irish
    5 out of 5


    This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for wrnitig!

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ClearNaze – Natural Nasal Decongestant

nasal-decongestantClearNaze is a drug-free, cannabis-free, non-stimulating, and non-drowsy natural supplement to counteract the stuffy nose by supporting a healthy response of the nasal mucosa.  A stuffy nose is an annoying symptom of the common cold and of nasal allergies. ClearNaze is designed to be a better solution for those suffering from a viral infection, much preferred to the over prescription of antibiotics and to decongestants with stimulant or drowsiness effects.  ClearNaze is an all natural nasal decongestant





ClearNaze – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the function of ClearNaze?

ClearNaze is a dietary supplement utilizing ingredients considered to be GRAS (defined by the FDA as Generally Regarded As Safe) to open a clogged nasal passage. A stuffy nose is a common and annoying symptom that may accompany a cold, allergy or exposure to noxious elements in our polluted environment.

How was this remarkable formulation discovered?

Much in the same way that penicillin was discovered, serendipity played a role in the ClearNaze formulation. The product was originally developed to open airways for people suffering from bronchospasm or asthma. During the product testing period, patients had their breathing measured with a spirometer before and after ingestion of the capsules. A majority of the test subjects spontaneously reported that nasal congestion that had plagued them for years was unexpectedly and notably better, and they asked for the product. Refined grapeseed extract was added to the original formulation, because that ingredient may have direct effects on the nasal mucosa…and, a remarkable product was born!

Does ClearNaze have other benefits?

In our clinical experience with ClearNaze, we have found that some people who experience difficulty falling asleep because of nasal congestion are better able to fall asleep with ClearNaze use, because there is nothing in the product that is stimulating or would keep you up. Notably, some people who snore because of difficulty breathing through their nose may experience a reduction in snoring–something appreciated by their partner!

Why not use one of the many available medications?

Nasal congestion has proved to be a most difficult symptom to control. The most effective immediate solution is a decongestant spray. Unfortunately, its effect is short-lived, and rebound congestion as well as chronic nasal stuffiness can be consequences. Medication that constricts the blood vessels, such as Sudafed, have the potential to cause a rapid heart rate, raise blood pressure, and in the case of phenylephrine, can cause strokes, forcing its removal from the market. Antihistamines do not decongest, they only dry. Antihistamines tend to have unpleasant side effects related to dryness, and they may impair recovery from a cold.

How should I take ClearNaze?

Clear Naze is a product designed to support the body’s natural ability to open a clogged nasal passage. It is not an anti-allergy product and does not require daily administration. ClearNaze should be taken when you experience a stuffy nose, and it may be taken as one capsule or two as often as every four hours or whenever the symptoms recur.