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AM Multivitamin – Part of Innovative AM/PM Daily Vitamin System

  • Innovative System Separates Vitamins and Minerals into Ideal Groupings
  • Provides Optimal Nutritional Insurance
  • Designed to Increase Efficacy in the Body

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AM Multivitamin  –  Daily Vitamin Dietary Supplement

AM/PM is a multivitamin system that provides optimal nutritional insurance. Supplemental vitamins should be taken with meals to maximize benefits. AM/PM is designed with the best sources and appropriate dose of each ingredient, based on the most current scientific information.

The AM/PM system separates the vitamins and minerals which would otherwise bind together in tablets, thereby increasing bioavailability and efficacy in the body. (E.g. two examples of what should not be combined in one tablet are Vitamins C with B12, and Zinc with Copper.)

To Complete the AM/PM System, Please See the PM Multivitamin Page.

To Purchase the Full System, Please See the Full AM/PM Innovative Daily Vitamin System Page.

AM Multivitamin – Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the AM/PM system different from traditional one-a-day multivitamins?

  All the right doses in all the right proportions. The multivitamin ingredients and doses are based on solid scientific research and are modified as new research evolves. There is not too much or too little of the vitamins. For example, the amount of B6 in the multivitamin system – 6mg. Many Vitamins and B-complex vitamins contain excessive doses of B6, which can cause nerve damage. The right amount supports homocysteine levels.

What makes the AM/PM System natural?

Compared to a standard one-a-day multivitamin, AM/PM comes from non-synthetic sources, and uses superior natural sources. For example, selenomethionine is used, derived from yeast, and is more effective than sodium selenite.

Why take two doses of vitamins a day?

Bioavailability, the  proportion of the dose that enters circulation and actively effects the body, is enhanced when the dose is taken twice daily, rather than once a day. The AM/PM system also contains a patented extract of black pepper known as bioperine, which enhances absorption and bio-availability by 150%.

How else does the AM/PM System benefit me?

This system is a premium custom-designed, physician recommended multivitamin at a cost minimally above commodity products. It is less costly than products with irrational excessive doses divided into four or six tablets.