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Plant-Based Bone Supplement – Calcium Sourced from Algae

  • More Effective, Safer and More Tolerated
  • Greater Health Benefits from Plant-Based Calcium

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Plant-Based Bone Supplement  –  Calcium Sourced from Algae

This reformulated Bone supplement contains 250 mg of Calcium from algae in an easy to take capsule.

Our Plant-Based Bone Supplement, unlike other calcium supplements, shows its ability to increase bone density in clinical trials, making it a better choice. Most studies showed Calcium only slowed the deterioration of bone. Our supplement, derived from plants, contains 13 other minerals and has been shown to improve bone density.

Plant based Calcium is intuitively appealing with supportive science!

Plant-Based Bone Supplement – Frequently Asked Questions

What is significant about the dosage of THIS supplement?

The disturbing “clinical finding” that 600 mg of calcium citrate increased vascular calcification in women and is the known cause of kidney stones may reflect the excessive dose of many popular supplements. The body optimally absorbs only 250-300mg of Calcium, yet products contain 600mg. These should be avoided. Each easy to swallow capsule of our new “BONE” contains 250 mg of soluble, absorbable, natural safe plant derived calcium.

What is the formulation of this supplement?

The formulation contains biologically active Vitamin D-3 to support absorption as well as boron, and zinc, all known to support bone health. Magnesium is included to work synergistically to build bone and prevent constipation.

Why algae as the source of Calcium?

The calcium sourced from algae contains 13 other minerals and has been shown to improve bone density. This only adds greater benefits while maintaining a good balance of natural nutrition.

Why are the pills porous?

The Plant-Based Bone Supplement’s porous nature increases its surface area promoting solubility and absorption. A study showed 97 percent of the calcium went into solution, promoting absorption even in elderly patients with diminished stomach acid. The bioavailability of our Bone Strengthening Supplement is even better than from foods such as yogurt.